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Sustainability is not just a buzzword to us, it is how we do business.

Our efforts mean that we make a positive impact on the environment, the economy and the community.  Our plan is to make sure these impacts continue to be positive so that we are here for many generations to come.​



We would have nothing if we did not take care of the land for the next generation.  We have farmed in the same location for over 70 years, and we intend to remain for many generations to come.


Our commitment to the environment goes beyond the land.  The addition of a 1/3 megawatt solar farm means we use less energy from the grid to power our coolers.



In the age of record droughts and water wars, it is essential that we are careful stewards of our water supply.  Use of drip irrigation and efficient sprinklers means we put the water where the plant needs it most.



When you spend more than 70 years in one location, you cannot help but impact your community.  We have supported the Boys and Girls Clubs of Coachella Valley for decades, and are pleased to see so many young people thrive as a result.


We don't just provide jobs and positive economic benefits, we also help the community when we can, making Coachella a great place to be.

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